This page contains critical writing and essays on the subject of Margaret West's work. 


Margaret West - Poetic TruthsPoetic Truths

"Jeweller and poet Margaret West deftly unites opposites in her work to achieve a severe beauty"

An essay by Cindi Strauss, curator of Modern Art and Contemporary Decorative Arts and Design, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA, which holds a substantial collection of Margaret West’s work. 

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First published in Metalsmith Vol 29 No. 5



Margaret West - Australian Art Review

Margaret West

Patricia Anderson, editor of Australian Art Review, “explores the remarkable works of an artist who has worked with silver, steel, graphite, lead, pure gold, marble, granite and pigment.”

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First published in Art Review Sep-Oct 2011 Issue 29





Wide (true) Blue Yonder

Julie Ewington looks closely at the granite and marble ― and the poetry ― in the jewellery of Margaret West.

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First published in Object, 1/2000