For nearly fifty years Margaret West has explored the expressive potential and cultural resonance of a wide range of materials in the making of series of enigmatic objects ― work which ranges from jewellery to floor and wall installation.  Distinguished by creative economy that sets the reductive refinement of materials against their expanding potential for multiple, and therefore paradoxically rich, meanings, the poetry of her practice comes from the creative tension between rampant sensuality and stringent simplicity.
A selection of Margaret West’s works made since 1978 is represented in these galleries.


... from a Garden

Moments from small journeys




Seven Brooches

Observe a torn petal.
Test the weight of a stone.





The shadows of flowers, recalled.




Past Imperfect

The shadow, which appears as a dark area on the surface of cloth is not a stain, it is a phantom — transient, ephemeral; but it can be captured and rendered with ink, pencil, paint, or dye.




The Last Afternoon Tea ...

... with Alice, Albert, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the Dormouse, at which no food is served, and the Dormouse breaks out of the teapot while Alice asks Albert to explain a riddle.




FRIEZE: Ecce Homo (précis)

The word twists in the wound.  Incoherent
the guiltless seam their lips.




... of the Field

They, also, bruise and wound and fall. 




Fatal Flowers

The image — dazzling, formidable, sombre — of the flower in the wound.




STILL LIFE (natura mortua)

An observance of gardens and cemeteries, flowers and stone




Notes (the sky is a garden)

If you rub a cloud long enough, it will turn blue.
1997 - 1999




Light as Air

Brooches - large as a mountain, light as air.




Lead & Gold

A confluence of alchemy and pumbling
1982 - 1995




Early Reflections

On air
on water
on steel